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VORMOR T10 106 Languages ​​Online Offline Voice Translator Photo Translation Real-time ​​Wifi Smart Translate

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WIFI+hotspot multi-networking mode: fast networking is simple and convenient, no restrictions at any time or any place.
Support for 106 languages translation: can understand multi-national accent, and translate accurately, so it would be easy for you to travel to more than 200 countries and regions around the world.
For iFlytek + for Nuance speech recognition engine: Combined with for Microsoft + for Google proprietary neural network matrix translation technology and multi-national servers, translation response is faster, translation semantic accuracy is higher.
2.4-inch high-definition touch screen: multi-touch visual operation, real-time display, audio and text synchronization, at a glance.
Simple UI interface design: interaction is more user-friendly, user experience is stronger.
Special BOX cavity speaker: The external effect is more fidelity, clearer and more accurate, and there is a dual microphone noise reduction array to ensure more accurate voice input and recognition. The pickup distance is more than 2 meters.
1200mah high-performance lithium battery: larger capacity, protection motherboard, safe and reliable, 180 hours long standby, 12 hours of continuous use, go out to play more fun and more at ease.
Ergonomic design: small and portable, one-handed operation without pressure, can be put into the pocket.
Targeted in-depth optimization of multiple language application scenarios such as transportation, tourism shopping, learning and communication; Update and translate new words in time to make them more suitable for use.
Support for fota networking upgrades, product features, interactive interface continues to iterate, convenient and efficient.
Zero threshold operation: easy for the elderly and children to use. There are only three buttons, the interface icons are refreshing and simple, and people of all ages can easily get started.
AI voice assistant function, your personal smart robot. Provides a wealth of practical and intelligent voice services, such as weather, time, travel encyclopedia, etc.
Photo translation in 44 languages, standard 5-megapixel hd camera, professional OCR image recognition technology, menu, road signs, instant translation, instant understanding.
 106 national languages: 
Chinese (Simplified), Cantonese, Chinese (Traditional), English (United States), English (Philippines), English (Ireland), English (UK), English (Canada), English (Australia), Japanese, Korean , French (France), Russian, Finnish, Spanish (International), Greek, Arabic (United Arab Emirates), German (German), Danish, Czech, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Turkish, Filipino (tower Gallo), Thai, Swedish, Serbian, Romanian, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Polish, Dutch (Netherlands), Norwegian (Blog Mel), Norwegian (Ninos), Cambodia (Khmer), Italian (Italian), Indonesian, Hungarian, Hindi, Malay, Israeli (Hebrew), Bengali, Urdu, Bulgarian, English (South Africa), Arabic (Egypt), Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Arabic (Kuwait), Spanish (Mexico), Arabic Iraq), Nepal
Networking method: wifi + mobile hotspot
Material: plastic
Display size: 2.4inch touch screen
Resolution: 240 x 320
Battery Type: Lithium Polymer 503759
Battery capacity: 1200mAh
Standby time: 4 days
Working hours: 6 hours
Processor: MT6572
MIC: Double Silicon MIC
Speaker: Special BOX cavity speaker
Interface: Micro USB
Charging adapter: 5V/1A
Package Included:
1 x Translator
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x Data Cable