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Simple Password Code Lock Kit DIY Production Parts

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The simple password lock is composed of a counter CD4017 and peripheral resistors, key switches and other components. When it is necessary to press the correct button (input password) in a certain order, the lock can be turned on (green light is on).
Working principle:
Press the S5 reset button, U2's 15 pin RST=1, the password is reset, and then the password can be input from the four buttons S1, S2, S31, S4. When the password is entered, press the S6 enter key. If the password is correct, the green LED will illuminate and if the password is incorrect, the red light will illuminate. When the confirmation button is pressed, the password is incorrect. You can re-enter the password by pressing the S5 reset button.
Name Parameter PCB  mark Quantity
Resistor 510 R1 R11 R12 3
4.7K R2 R7 2
10K R3-R6 R9 R10 6
100K R8 1
Diode 1N4148 D5-D10 6
1N4007 D1-D4 4
Ceramic capacitor 104 C1 C3 2
Electrolytic capacitor 10UF C5 1
470UF C2 1
1000UF C4 1
Transistor 9013 Q3 1
9014 Q1 Q2 2
Buzzer   LS1 1
LED 5mm red DS1 DS2 2
5mm green DS3 1
Three-terminal regulator LM7806 U1 1
IC CD4017 U2 1
Touch button   S1-S6 6
PCB     1
Package included:

1 x Simple Password Lock Kit

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