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MS-500G DIY Magnetic Levitation Kit DC12V Magnetic Suspension For Suspended Potted Plants

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Magnetic Levitation Display Stand Application Maglev Technology Principle. A new type of display stand that suspends the products to be displayed in the air, the appearance is more beautiful than the traditional display frame, and it is easier to attract the attention of customers and increase the publicity effect of the products
1. High total carrying capacity.
2. Low power consumption.
3. Colorful indicator.
4. High quality acrylic shell.
5. Custom assembly.
6. Automatic adjustment of operating current.
7. Automatic shutdown without load.
1. Name: Magnetic suspension
2. Model: MS-500G
3. Standby current: =<35mA
4. Working voltage: DC12V
5. Working current: =<200mA automatic adjustment
6. X, Y-axis adjustment: Manual adjustment
7. Indicators of power supply: 5mm colorful LED
8. Suspension load bearing: =<500g
9. Set size: 131*131*28mm
10. PCB size: 120*120mm
11. Soldering difficulty: General
12. Shell: Black Acrylic
1. Desktop decoration.
2. Suspended potted plants.
3. Counter display: Glasses, Mobile phones, Diamond rings, Necklaces, Watches, Earrings.

1. Please make sure all the components in the right direction and the right place.
2. Please check whether pseudo welding.
3. The soldering iron cannot contact the components for a long time, otherwise, it is easy to damage the components due to high temperature.
4. This is a DIY kit, need the user to assemble.
5. Comes with US plug power adapter only.
6. Please download the installation instructions yourself and we will not send paper instructions.

Package includes:

1 x DIY Magnetic Suspension Kit

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