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FeiyuTech Feiyu WG2X Splash-proof 3-axis Wearable Gimbal Stabilizer For GoPro Hero 7 6 5 4 Session Sony RX0 YI 4K Sport Camera

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Tilting Angle:360° 
Panning Angle:360° 
Usage Time:2.5 Hours 
Wearing Ways:head,breast,arm 
Mounting Way:inverted/vertical/forward 
Net Weight:238g(excluding the camera) 
Load Weight:130g(under the balanced gra vity) 
Extensible Port:1/4inch thread hole at the bottom and back side.
Product Name:WG2X three axi s action camera wearable gimbal
Rolling Angle:310(structure angle limited)/70(angle limited after camera is mounted)
Compatible Model:Go Pro HERO 7/6/5/4,Go Pro Session, or any other similar size camera.
- Light stable-mas ter, always with you.
  Payload 130g,compatible with Go Pro HERO 7/6/5/4/ Session or any other similar size action camera 
- Wi-Ficontrol, rapid shoot.
  We know your Go Pro needs the immediately response to shoot,however,the more convenient way with Wi-Fi shoot based on the gimbal connection with camera compared to voice control can lead to the ‘rapid shoot'.
- Stable mount, newly upgrade.
  This time,the special designed base with entirely new upgraded result to the all-round stabilization than ever.No matter hanging or wearing,the FeiyuTech platform owns 2000/s real-time calibration to make sure the stable shooting which can't be replaced by the optical anti-shake methods.
- Elevation design, the sense of wo rld from Geek.
  FeiyuTech Red Dot Design Award design team shows the Geek creative design sense,innovate the exclusive elevation-design to avoid the negative impact by roll motor.Therefore,the easy and excellent vision result to the good shoot, and action will know the sport in the better way.
- Follow mode,time to crazy.
  Double-click the mode button,that the pan and tilt axi s will fast respond to your rotation,empowers your action camera to become agile and fast,which is the real-response based on mind.
- Light travel, more freedom.
  Benefits from the strong composite materials,the body is only weight for 238g, which is similar with a package of chip.Enjoy the light stable mas ter to keep free and relaxed while wearing it during the travel.
- Go Pro shooting, advance skill.
  WG2X gimbal can easy to create a constant speed movement by rotation mode,which moves your time-lapse shoot.Further,you can try to hang to shoot,and create the blockbuster simply.
- Bor n for sports, strong momentum.
  Feiyu Tech new platform with anti-shake calculation combines with the Lightweight brushless motor can maintain the high torque,strong power and power consumption.You can enjoy the 2.5 hours power lasting capa- bility to re cord a full Wo rld Cup match!
Package included:

2 X Screw
1 X Manual
1 X WG2X gimbal
1 X Storage Case
1 X Warranty card
1 X Session Mount
1 X Micro USB cable
1 X EPP package box
1 X Universal Small Tripod
1 XPergear Cleaning Cloth
1 X 1/2 Inch T-head Connector