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CACAZI FA80 Self-powered Wireless Doorbell Waterproof No Battery Required Button Home Cordless Call Bell 58 Chime

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Features :

1.Press the button, super learning code can freely learn to match, can be unlimited matching receiver.
2.Instead of using a battery, the button converts energy into electrical energy and sends a signal when pressed.
3.The Transmitter can work normally in snow or high temperature environment, waterproof and dustproof.
4.If multiple buttons are paired with one or more receivers in the same system, each button can be set to a different ringtone.
5.Power-off memory function: Turn the power on again after power off, no need to re-adjust and lock the ringtone.
6.The receiver is available in a variety of plugs, US/EU/UK Plug and AU adapters, suitable for most countries. 

7.The receiver voltage is 220v. 
8.Eye-catching backlight flashes when someone pushes the doorbell. Particularly suitable for the elderly, deaf.
9.The receiver is a distance of 200 meters (in an open area), which may be affected by the environment and obstacles.
10.The receiver has 58 ringtones to choose from, and the volume is 20-110db in 4 levels.
11.The receivers has US, EU Plug.
12.Just plug the receiver into an electrical outlet,the push button transmitter can be stick it to the door with provided adhesive tapes.

Note: The button cannot be placed on an iron door because it will interfere with the signal. If the receiver does not ring when the button is pressed after receiving the doorbell, please pair the doorbell.

How to pair signals?

Pairing method: press and hold the music button on the receiver for about 5 seconds (the light is on), release the volume button, then press the button immediately, the signal is successfully paired.

How to modify and lock music?

Press and hold the music button of the receiver before plugging in the power socket. Plug in the power socket until the light of the receiver lights up, release the music button, press the music button to adjust to the favorite music ringtone, press and hold the music button again until When the light is on, press the transmitter twice immediately and the music is locked successfully.

Package includeds :

1 x Receiver
1 x Transmitter
1 x User Manual

Details pictures :

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