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Breeze Audio BTL TD1 TDA1521 Hifi 2.0 Bluetooth 4.0 Amplifier

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Breeze Audio BTL TD1 TDA1521 Hifi 2.0 Bluetooth 4.0 40Wx2 Full Digital Audio Amplifier


Actual output power is not low, but the power must keep up with, the higher the voltage, the greater the current power supply, the greater the power, so often have customers say power is not enough, and some said it was enough, on this reason.
Philips tda1521 amplifier integrated block, with short circuit, overheating, squelch protection function, 2-channel BTL output of up to 30WX2 above and peripheral circuit simple and easy fabrication. In order to push the bookshelf box for pure music hin and development, because the classics are like production, performance than the digital power amplifier to listen, delicate, good music taste.
Input impedance 20K, input sensitivity 600mV, signal to noise ratio reached 85dB. The circuit is provided with a mute state, waiting, with overheating protection, low offset voltage and high ripple rejection and low thermal resistance.
DC voltage range from 15V to 32V, you can use a laptop power, the switch is no impact. Power interface outside diameter of 5.5 diameter 2.1 can I store 19v 6A laptop power supply, static heating is very low, can use the bottom of the chassis cooling without adding a special heat dissipation, is far lower than that of the lm1875 power consumption, power is bigger also.

Package Included:

1 x Breeze Audio HIFI Amplifier (not include a power adapter)

breeze audio

breeze audio

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