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6Pcs/Pack TL-Smoother Addon Module for 3D Printer Motor Drivers

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1. TL-Smoother can effectively eliminate the mechanical vibration of the 3D printer motor, especially for the parallel arm structure.
2. It is very effective for 8225 drive, 4988 drive, and low resistance motor.
3. I3 and UM models can also be used, and the clipping effect of different machines will vary.
4. All the boards use strong patch diodes, the signal is more stable and the service life is longer.

How to use: 
   Connect the filter to the corresponding drive socket and the motor between the main board.
   Pay attention to the clear line sequence. We standardize the 4pin plug.
   If you are a 4pin plug, please pull out the wire directly to the back of the filter board or directly change the plug. Can be solved.

TL-Smoother assembly instruction: here

* The color of the product is based on actual conditions.

Package Included:

6 x TL-Smoother Addon Module 

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