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200M Waterproof Wireless Doorbell 32 Songs Plugin Receiver Transmitter

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◆ Easy to install and use.
◆ Learning code function.
◆ Low power consumption.
◆ Modern and stylish design.
◆ IP44 Waterproof transmitter.
◆ 4 Volume adjustable(mute included).
◆ Up to 200 meters operation range(open air).
◆ It can be tested up to 200 meters in an open environment, and can reach 10-150 meters through security doors and walls (depending on the specific environment).

Material: ABS
Color: White+Black
Voltage of plug-in receiver: AC 85-260V
Power consumption: Transmitter: <20mA, Receiver: <140mA
Rating of waterproof: IP44(Model P,N)
Battery in push button: 12V 23A alkaline battery
Operating range: MAX.200M
Selectable ring tone: 32 melodies
Volume range: 0-100dB,4 Level
Working frequency: 433.92MHZ
Working temperature: -20℃~65℃
Receiver Size: (L) x (W) x (H) 61 x 30 x 103mm /2'' x 1'' x 4"(appr.)
Transmitter Size: (L) x (W) 76 x 45mm /3'' x 2''(appr.)
Plug type: EU/US (We will be based on your country to send the corresponding adapter plug)
▲▲Notice Before Installation:
1. Non- professionals should not open or maintain it himself to avoid damaging the sophisticated electronic components
2. Please try to avoid installation the device under rain, over expose to sun or close to metal
3. The actual remote control distance depends on the working environment as they ar affected by interference
Installation Methods:
1. FOR AC RECEIVER: Just plug receiver into standard outlet in roomthen it will work You can choose melody you want
2. FOR TRANSMITTER: Please first test if the operating range you choose is working or not
Transmitter installation methods:
A. Use double-side adhesive sticker to fix transmitter cover on the wall
B. Please prepare electric drill, screwdrivers
1. Find the holde on transmitter back cover, use slotted screwdriver to push into the hole
2. Make marks of location on wall
3. Make holes in the wall with electric drill. Then insert back cover with screws (provided in the package)
4. Finally, put back front case with PCB board
Package included: 
1 x Receiver
1 x Transmitter
1 x Double-sided adhesive sticker
1 x 12V 23A alkaline battery
2 x Screws
1 x English Manual

Detail Pictures:

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