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15W 14x20cm Laser Engraving Machine Cutter 2Axis Engraver Desktop Cutter with Laser

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Upgrade version of the new model of laser tube, V-type black aluminum, V-type dual-bearing pulley,
to increase thicker heat aluminum, thicker fan, copper core, the most important is the new laser tube
power are the same, Beam quality is better, the lines will be more black and thin.

Name: Engraving Machine
Model: 972072
Material: Aluminum Alloy + acrylic
Drive system: stepper motor(step accuracy: 0.00625mm)
Max. Engraving Area:14x20cm/5.5*7.9in
Engraving speed: 0.02-0.2 seconds / pixel
Laser power: 15W
Interface: USB
Power supply: input AC 100V-240V, 47Hz-66Hz
Power adapter:DC 12V 4A
Machine Dimensions: 28*32*23cm/11*12.6*9in
Software:our ac master software
-Support Windows 7/8/10.
-Support Chinese, English, Russian languages.Simple & easy to use.
-No limit on object’s size,the machine can be set and worked on the object, eg.
-Super-reduced instruction, 1 byte of instruction accounted for more than 40%.
-Interpretation active instruction; shortest path algorithm can shorten the time.
-Carving materials: stainless steel, ceramics, wood, bamboo, leather, plastics, etc.
-The explanation rate is 30 times faster than Arduino+grbl, and instantly be able to complete the task of.
-Software 255 adjustable laser power, low-light positioning, positioning freedom, gray, shortest path algorithm.
If the package does not include the Driver Software(A few cases),or you do not how know assemble the machine,please contact us to get the Driver Software or assemble Introduction.
Package Included
1 * Engraving machine
1 * Laser Head
1 * AC power adapter(According to the delivery countries distribute adapter.)
1 * Laser protective glasses
1 * Test the steel sheet
1 * Metal sheet(color, quantity, shape random)
1 * Lifting platform
1 * USB cable
3 * Focusing columns